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A unique application for a Lensbaby lens

Lensbaby lenses were first introduced in 2004 and since then they have steadily increased in popularity among photographers looking for a tool to help them create some unique images. For the most part it has been mostly portrait and fine art photographers who have been using the lensbaby lenses but on a recent kayaking shoot I decided to have a play around with my lensbaby composer lens with and without the wide angle adapter to see what I could get with that and I was quite surprised with the results.

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I was shooting with the aperture at f4 and with the movement of the water and the fact that we were shooting at a standing wave where I knew where the kayakers would be for the most part so that I could pre-focus the image for that spot and compose it for the sweet spot to be right where they were doing their tricks. For the drop shot, again this was a set up shot with the kayaker doing a few runs initially that I shot with my normal lens and once I saw how they were running the rapid, I could pre focus right on the edge of the drop and then just wait for them to come into the frame.

If you are looking for something a bit different for your action shots and feel like pushing the boundaries I would highly suggest that you get a bit creative with a lens baby or some other alternative lenses and you too might just be surprised with what you get.

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