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Infrared on Canon 5D mkII

I was cleaning out my photography closet the other day and came across an old infrared filter from my film days. After a few searches on the internet to see if it was even possible for me to actually record an image with the filter I found out that the Canon 5D mkII sensors are actually infrared sensitive. There had been rumors that the newer sensors had an infrared blocking filter over the sensor. There is a filter, but it does not block 100% of the infrared light. You can send your camera into a few different places and they can either convert your camera to infrared or infrared and visible light, but that is expensive and requires to always have either an infrared filter or various correcting filters to shoot visible light. Unfortunately, I don’t have my old Canon G2 camera that I could actually preview the infrared scene in the LCD screen after I put the infrared filter on over the camera.

So here is the normal image without the filter:

No filter

The exposure for this was ISO 100, f5.6 @ 1/800

And here is the same image with my infrared filter (Tiffen 87):

Infrared Landscape

The exposure for this was ISO 100, f5.6 @ 60″

The reason the second image is a little blurry is that the exposure was a minute long and on the day I was shooting, though it was a bright sunny day, there was a lot of wind causing the clouds and trees to move during the exposure. But all in all a really cool effect and if you do get your camera modified, the exposure times decrease dramatically.

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