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A different twist to my images

Here are a few pics I took a while ago at a concert I went to. It was a bit of an unplanned shoot. I originally had just wanted to go out and listen to some live music, but couldn’t find anyone to come out with me on the night. So there I was at a local club with a band who was doing a Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute concert (One of my favorite artists from my home town). Instead of just listening to the music, I went back to my car and grabbed my camera and flash which I happened to have with me from another shoot earlier in the day. I spent the whole night pretty much right at the edge of the stage shooting the band and really playing with high ISO settings and trying to balance flash/fast shutter speed to freeze motion and still keep the ambient/stage lighting feel to the images. Since I am not really a concert photographer it was also a bit of a learning experience that I think really turned out well. I actually ended up selling the images to the band after the fact and I have been talking to them about doing a proper photo shoot with them when they release their next CD or for promotional material.

Here are the best images from the night:

If you are interested in any of these images or having me do some shooting for you, please contact me.

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