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How to stay inspired…

I was talking with a couple of photographers the other day and I asked them if they were going to Image Nation, a two day photography seminar here in Auckland. They both said that they were long past going to “business” seminars, that there was nothing for them to learn from them and that the presenters at the seminars would tell you what they did to be successful last year or the year before, but not what they are doing now. When I tried to explain to them that this seminar was not really a “business” seminar, but more of an inspirational seminar. They said that they didn’t get inspired by photography. Photography was just a job to them and that they would rather spend that time relaxing. Their attitude made me look at my own motivation in becoming a photographer.

I could never imagine not getting inspired by great images and wanting to learn more about how to improve my own images. I think that it is really important for anyone who is creative to maintain a passion for their craft, as soon as you look at it as a “job” then you won’t have the same creative spark that allows you to create those great images. Also if you are not constantly learning about your craft and following what other photographers are doing, then you will soon find your images looking dated and jobs drying up.

Plus in my opinion, the only way to maintain a healthy creative industry is to support as many other photographers and photography events as you can.

So if you do find yourself struggling for inspiration go to a museum, gallery, or flip through a coffee table photo book or just troll through the internet looking at some of the amazing photographs that other people are creating.
Here are a few random images that I have taken recently to get you started……

A bubbling mud pool near Rotorua

A shot of the Super Moon from Auckland, New Zealand. Taken with a 500 f4 lens on a 5D mkIII body

Lone tree in a field on the Huraki Plain

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