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What people think photographers do

Unfortunately the stereotypes in the above Meme are somewhat accurate.

As a photographer, there is nothing I would love more than spending everyday out shooting interesting subjects or even sitting down at my computer and editing my latest shoot, making my images just look absolutely amazing.

The reality is that to really succeed as a photographer means that you have to spend more time marketing yourself and your services than you spend shooting images. For every day you spend shooting a paid job equates to about three to four days spent on marketing efforts. That includes making cold calls, emailing previous clients, and responding to inquiries from potential customers/clients.

One of the best ways I have found to keep my business moving forward is to constantly communicate with my pool of contacts- clients, models, and colleagues. Because the more you communicate with people what you are doing, the more likely your name will come up the next time someone has a need for a photographer and the more people know what you do, the more potential clients you have.

The easiest way to ensure that you are constantly communicating with people is to set aside set times during the week that you dedicate to marketing efforts. For example I try to always update this blog every Monday morning, and try to post at least one or two status updates on my Facebook page every day. Sometimes I post things about my latest projects, but other times I just post interesting articles or images from other photographers. That way my name comes up on my followers pages regularly and I stay fresh in their minds.

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