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My photography training session…

Here are a few details shots I did the other week. These are of my bikes and I took them just to practice and check my studio lights, since I had not used them for a while and I wanted to work on shooting details and controlling the lighting on metallic surfaces.

Most people don’t realise that the really great photographers spend hours “practicing” their craft. In fact, I would say that it really takes the same amount of dedication and training to become a great photographer as a professional athlete puts in to their training and just like most athletes focus on improving their weaknesses when training, so to should photographers focus on the skills they are the least comfortable with to really advance their craft. After all since photography is such a dynamic industry, you never know when a potential job might come up that requires you to shoot something different.

So if you are normally a landscape or product photographer, you should go out sometime and practice shooting people and if you are a wedding/portrait photographer then go into the studio and do a still life project. You never know when those extra skills might come in handy on a shoot in the future.

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