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Recent Cyclocross Race coverage….

Rotorua held its first cyclocross race the other weekend and me being the cycling junkie that I am, was out there with my camera capturing all the action….

For those of you not familiar with cyclocross, it is basically what lead to the rise of mountain biking. The races are usually held in paddocks with a few natural and man made barriers on the course that require riders to dismount their bikes and carry them over/through the various obstacles. include obstacles usually include mud pits, sand bogs, stream crossistair stairs and really steep climbs. Also the races are almost always held in the winter to make things even more difficult for the riders.

Cyclocross is a fairly young sport here in New Zealand but it has proven to be a hit with the riders and hopefully will continue to grow and become a I must do/see race on the winter race callendar.

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