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Behind the shot….

This image was taken off of Waiheke Island a few years ago soon after I finally got a proper surf housing and was one of the first times I ventured out in the water with my 5D mk II and I had my 16-35 2.8 L series lens on set to 16 mm.

The shoot was to document some of the local kite surfers who live on Waiheke and this image and a few others taken that day was used in the local paper to illustrate an article about advantages of living on Waiheke.

Waiheke Island is a small island in the Huraki gulf about 45 minutes by ferry from Auckland. Since most of the kite surfers who live there actually work in Auckland during the week, I ended up meeting up with them in Auckland and travelled over with them on the ferry one afternoon. We ended up getting out on the water a little later than I had planned and so only had about an hour of usable light before the sun set and this was one of the last images taken.

One of the great things about shooting kite surfers over surfers from the water is that it is actually much easier to communicate with them while out in the water.

For this shot, I knew what I wanted when I saw how low the suns was getting, so I told the kiter to basically sail as close to me as possible and then carve a turn right in front of me. The first few passes, he actually was turning the other way, but that was not really working with the light and the spray was going away to me, not at me. After explaining exactly what I wanted him to do, it only took three passes for me to get this shot and soon as I saw it, I knew we were done.

There was not much post-processing done to this image since I was able to dial in my settings on the camera, just a bit of sharpening and increasing some of the vibrance. The camera was set at ISO 400 1/250 f2.8 to freeze the action with out having too much noise.

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