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Why printing photos is still important….

Here are a few statistics for you photographers out there:

    Photography as an art form, and yes it is an art form regardless of what some art purists thing, has only been around for about a hundred years.
    Over that time there has been an estimated 3.5 trillion (that is nine 0s!) images captured and currently Facebook hosts over 140 Billion of those images, which is approximately 4% of all the images ever taken.

Those are pretty impressive numbers, but how many of those images are really worth looking at? I mean would you really want to hang a print of the meal you are about to eat up on your wall? I doubt it. With the invention of digital photography, yes it has allowed photographers to become a lot more experimental with their craft, since it now does not cost them anything but time to shoot images.

Before digital came around, every click of the shutter cost photographers anywhere from 30 cents to five dollars depending on the camera system they were using, so photographers had to be a lot more critical about when to press the shutter. Now that any aspiring photographer can whip out Their cell phone, tablet, or digital camera to capture an image with no real cost to them, it has made newer photographers to actually be quite lazy. They don’t have to thoughtful about their composition, worry about setting their camera settings to properly expose the image and over 90% of the images captured today are only ever seen on a screen.

Now I am not a doomsday believer, but just imagined what would happen to our visual history of the last twenty years if our whole modern infrastructure crashed? I am not advocating that everyone should print out every image, that would be a huge waste of paper. But seeing your best images hanging on a wall in a frame is so much more satisfying than occasionally seeing it on a screen when scrolling through all the other images on a screen. And if you are a prolific shooter, then utilising self publishing services like Blurb to print out a book of your images also makes the images seem a bit more real, even if you just print one copy for yourself. Plus, if for some reason you loose your images (lost/stollen computer, crashed hard drive, or any other reason) then you will still have copies of your favourite/best images. As far as sharing images goose, giving someone a printed images actually means much more than sharing or emailing the same image.

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