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Five things photographers do differently…

Here is a list of five things most photographers I know (myself included) do differently than most people…

1) Notice little details- This is particularly true of still life and product photographers, but to really be a good photographer you have to be able to see the fine details in the images. After all it is the little details in an image that can make the difference between an ok shot and a “wow” shot.

1964 Ford Mustang

2) Keep odd hours and love harsh conditions- This applies more to outdoor sports and landscape photographers, but usually the best images come about when shooting either before, during or just after a storm (guaranteeing that you and your gear will get wet/cold/windblown) or necessitate waking up before dawn to get to your chosen location to get the first light or having to hike out in the dark shooting until there is no light left in the sky. Even when not out shooting, it is not uncommon to find photographers sitting at their computers answering emails or editing their shoots at all hours of the day/night.

Sunset on Kitesurfer

3) Never go on vacations- Sure most photographers go to vacation destinations and some even bring along their partners/families, but very few will ever go anywhere with out a camera. If you do happen to see someone standing watching the most amazing sunset/sunrise (see #2 above) with tears streaming down their eyes, there is a good chance it is a photographer who was caught out without their camera.

Fijian Resort at night

4) Family life- Being related to a photographer means that you have to be quite patient and accept that your life will be spent with a camera constantly around. After all, the main reason photographers have a partner/children is so that they can have free models to use in their photographs. (My 2 1/2 year old already knows how to pose when the camera comes out and my 6 month daughter must think the big black thing is part of me…)

Lori (my wife) taking son for a walk through the orchid gardens in Fiji.

5) Earning a living- It used to be that being an accomplished photographer meant that you could earn a decent living just taking photographs and selling them to either the public (wedding/portrait photographers) or to various clients and magazines (editorial and commercial photographers). I am not saying that you can’t make a decent living creating images today, but you just have to go about it a bit differently and working quite a bit harder and longer (as per #3 above).

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