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My Newest Project: Photo-documentary of the 1st Thailand Ultra Marathon race

Photo-Documentary of the 1st Thailand Ultra Marathon

I will be going to Soppong in Northern Thailand at the end of October to photograph the 1st ever Thailand Ultra Marathon and have turned to the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo to help me turn the trip into a photo-documentary book of the race. Here is the link to the project: http://igg.me/at/Mead-Norton-Thailand/x/7855173

If you can help me spread the word about the project, I would really appreciate it.

Below is the video slideshow I put together to explain it a bit more:

One of the biggest difference between this Ultra Marathon and most of the other Ultra’s popping up all over the world is the remoteness of course. The event base will be in a small village a few hours from the closest city and the trails that make up the course are actually footpaths created by the local villagers to help them travel between villages.

The competitors will also be running past 700 year old burial mounds, a major cave system that has a river running through it and through three native Thailand hill tribe villages. The 100km race will take place on October 18 where the racers will do two laps of the 50km loop and then on the following Saturday, the 50km race will happen. Each lap will force the runners to climb over 2500m and cross mutliple streams and battle some quite hot and humid temperatures. The race organizer has just announced that both races will enable to top runners to earn qualifying points towards The North Face UTMB, CCC, TDS and UTMF. There are already runners from over 20 different countries signed up with the 50km race sold out with a long waiting list.

Some of the types of images I will be shooting and putting together into the book, as well as posting daily updates to everyone who donates to the project:


A few images from the 2013 Tarawera Ultra

A few images from the 2013 Tarawera Ultra

And sample travel images from my time in Nepal:

A small collection from my travels in Nepal

A small collection from my travels in Nepal

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