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Another one of my heros in the photography world….

Chris Burkard


Anyone who follows surfing, knows who Chris Burkard is. He is the Senior Staff Photographer at Surfer Magazine and he is best known for taking the whole sun soaked beach bum stereotype that most people have of surfers and turned it upside down. Most of his work features surfers going way off the beaten path and surfing in conditions that are extremely harsh (paddling out into sub-zero water in the antarctic) and at the same time breath takenly beautiful.


Though I do love to surf and shoot surf. I must admit the dedication he has to swim out the conditions like this blows my mind. I have done a few cold water surf sessions where there was snow on the ground and ice forming on the beach and though it was fun in a painful kind of way, not something I would want to do on a regular basis like he does.

So here are some of my tribute shots to you Chris….

Winter swells can be lots of fun. Piha, Auckland New Zealand

Early morning surf session



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