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I love to wonder…

narahoe pano

Mt. Narahoe, Central Plateau

I think one of the reasons I have always been drawn to photography is because at heart I am a solitary person and for me photography is a solitary experience, even when you are working with clients and models the moment you press the shutter you are alone with your thoughts and that moment of silence when you press the shutter is very revealing about who you are. Sure there are photographers who jabber away as they shoot and are constantly clicking away, who might not agree but that too is what is so great about photography. You can line up 100 photographers in a row with the exact same brief, and you will get 100 different images at the end of the shoot.

When I am feeling particularly overwhelmed or burned out, I will grab my camera and jump in my car and go exploring, partly to reignite my creative energy and partly to keep me sane. These trips can be just short trips to the local park or longer multi-day trips way off the beaten track. They allow me to reconnect to the natural world and give me a break from the constant digital bombardment that has taken over our lives.

Here are some more examples of my wondering around New Zealand:

port waikato pano

Sunset Beach, Port Waikato


Hidden waterfall near Lake Waikaremoana

Hidden waterfall near Lake Waikaremoana


Lake Hayes, South Island, New Zealand

Lake Hayes, South Island

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