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Back in Action at the NZDH race in Rotorua

Almost fully healed…

One of the dangers of being an action sports photographer is that you inevitably get sucked into the lifestyle and find yourself participating in or at least giving most of the sports you spend so much time shooting, or maybe that is just me…

When I first started down this road of being a photographer and deciding to focus on shooting sports, I was quite a good athlete having grown up playing football (soccer) and dabbled a bit with mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding. My first real taste of being a professional photographer was a few years after I graduated from University when I sold my Jeep and moved to Colorado to work at a ski resort as one of the resort photographers. Before that I had probably only spent a total of 10 days snowboarding, but within a week of being at the resort I was confidently cruising down blue and some black runs with all my camera gear on my back.

Mead Snowboarding

A self portrait of me snowboarding with my camera backpack on and camera in my hand.

Flash forward almost 20 years and now I am a full fledged adrenaline addict. I still love surfing and snowboarding and have done some crazy stuff in the ocean and in the mountains but I have also picked up white water kayaking, ultra trail running, triathlons, and mountain biking (which is where my heart really lies). A few years ago, I was riding a new race course that was going to be used for a Super-D event here in Rotorua and didn’t commit to one of the jumps and ended up coming up short on the the landing and crashing, spraining my AC joint in my shoulder (a very common injury for mountain bikers). I have put up with the pain from it for almost two years- racing in a few triathlons, doing two ultra marathons and shooting almost non-stop thinking that it would eventually become less painful. The pain was not that bad, but it was just annoying and I did have to cut back on my sports due to it, so about three weeks ago I finally gave in and had surgery done to fix it up and have been recovering from that (hence the lack of blog posts here lately)

But the shoulder is healing well now and I should be back to 100% soon enough, but I was feeling a bit cooped up and wanted to get back out to the forest this past weekend and get some shots from the first round of the NZDH race in Rotorua. So this is what I got with 1 1/2 arms- I could only shoot for about 2 hours before it got to be too much….

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