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The next generation….

A 3 Year-Old’s View of the World

Gone are the days when I can just pack up a duffel bag or backpack and jump into my car to go on a spur of the moment road trip or jump on board a boat and sail to Vanuatau with no warning (See my sailing post here). Don’t get me wrong, I still go on some crazy adventures and am just about to head away on another crazy trip, this time to Thailand to cover the 1st Thailand Ultra Marathon race. But now that I am a father, it does make things just a bit more complicated and means that more planning and coordination is necessary when planing trips away.

I do love being a Father though and have happily given up the spur of the moment trips for the joy I get watching my kids grow. My son, Winter, is not yet three, but he is already showing his artistic side. He loves painting and taking photographs… I have given him one of my rugged bash around point and shoot cameras and this is what his world looks like……

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