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2015 Billabong Grom Surf Contest

Back in the Office…..

After some crazy traveling and the holidays, I am back in NZ for a while and will be posting here regularly again…

The other weekend I got to spend some time at the beach, which is where I actually feel the most at home. No matter where I am in the world, I just love the beach. Here are a few shots from the Billabong Grom surf contest that was held at Mt. Mounganui in some decent surf….

2015Billabong Grom-0308

2015Billabong Grom-0224

2015Billabong Grom-0221

2015Billabong Grom-0212

2015Billabong Grom-0117



2015Billabong Grom-8263

It was not all about the surfing….



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