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MNP-2016RBF-Photo Workshop-00562

Students practicing their shooting skills during a bike photography workshop Mead hosted during the 2016 Rotorua Bike Festival


Join me in the redwoodsinternationally recognized photographer Mead Norton on one of his Rotorua photography workshops, whether you are an experienced photographer or just starting out, you are guaranteed to come away from each workshop with a better understanding of how your camera works and how to take control over the images you create.


Mead is one of New Zealand’s most technically trained photographers with a Master’s of Science in Photography from Brooks Institute in California, USA and has had images published in a wide range of magazines, and newspapers all over the world. He is currently shooting for Getty Images and also shoots for a wide range of advertising clients.


Mead offers 1 on 1 tutorials, 1/2 day and full day excursions around Rotorua. He can customize the tour or tutorial to fit any skill level and also base it around specific types of photography depending on what your interests are.


Get in touch with Mead and he will be happy to arrange a tour or workshop designed around your skill level and interests and schedule.

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