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Call Me Old School…..But

Call me old school if you like, but yesterday I was cleaning out some old files and came across some old negative sheets from my travels through Tibet and Indonesia.

Instead of taking the film down to the lab to get reprints made, I decided to have a play with them on the computer. So I dusted off a film scanner and proceeded to digitize them. I have not done any scanning in a while and I was not sure what the images would look like. I am not going to lie, the actually process of scanning the images was quite tedious and boring. But it turns out that it was well worth the effort. I had almost forgotten what real grain looks like and how it can actually add an extra element to an image. Also the imperfections of the negative itself, bits of dust and scratches (most of which I did clean up digitally) add to the feel of the image.

For those photographers out there who have never shot a roll of actual film and unfortunately that number is growing rapidly I truly believe that until they do actually shoot real film, they will never really appreciate the difference between a digital image and an analogue image. As convenient as digital is, there is something about film that digital just can’t recreate…

So do yourself a favor and the next time you want to take some photos, pull out a film camera and shoot off a roll or two.

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