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Early morning fog

The other weekend, I did a road trip down to Taupo for the weekend and as usual I had my camera with me (I never go on a trip with out some sort of camera equipment with me). I knew I was going to be camping for the weekend which means getting up early and taking advantage of the early morning light. What I had not counted on was the cold snap that hit overnight. The first morning I woke up later than planned and missed the heavy fog and frost by a few minutes. I literally got one frame off before the fog just disappeared! (See image below)

Horseback riders Taupo NZ

Early morning horseback ride, National Equestrian Center Taupo, NZ

The second morning I got up on time and though there was no frost on the ground, there was still a heavy fog. I grabbed my camera and untied Copper (my Husky) and started exploring the campsite looking for a good moody composition to capture the mood of the morning. I had already visualized the image I wanted to create based on a Christopher Broughton image that he had hanging in his office at Brooks. He had this beautiful black and white print of a stand of trees in snow and when I saw the fog, I wanted to capture something similar to that print. So I grabbed my camera and tramped through the dew covered grass looking for just the right combination of tree formation, fog, light and after about an hour of shooting various compositions, I found what I was looking for.

Tree in the early morning fog

Tree in the early morning fog

I do have to admit that when I first took this shot, I was not 100% happy with it, but that was because I was looking at it on the LCD in the back of my camera and in color. The fog and light made for a quite flat and boring image in color but as soon as I converted it into black and white I knew I had captured what I was trying to achieve.

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