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Fiji Dreams

I have just gotten back from a week in Fiji and even though it was a “family” holiday, I still ended up doing quite a bit of shooting while I was over there. After all, as a photographer, at least I have found that I can never be truly on holiday when I am visiting a new place. I always find that I regret not getting a shot if I don’t have my camera with me, so unless I am taking a vacation to someplace I visit regularly I find myself spending quite a bit of time shooting when everyone else is sleeping in, or relaxing by the pool.

This trip to Fiji was no exception. I spent most mornings shooting the sunrise and lugging my camera and at least one lens around on every day trip we took. I will be posting a few more images and talking about them a little later on, but these first images I am posting were from the new 8-15 mm lens that Canon New Zealand was kind enough to let me borrow for this trip.

The lens is a great piece of glass and I really like the distorted effect that it creates, especially in a tropical environment like Fiji. It definitely is not the kind of lens you would want to use on a daily basis, but on the right occasion it can create some stunning images.

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